Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Ukraine 2020 - [Ó] - Tam, Kudy Ya Ydu

Ukraine appear to be embracing their inner cool upon their return to the fold this year. Not only are Fo Sho and Tvorchi bringing an unexpected urban flavour, but Jerry Heil promises some cracking ironic power pop, Moonzoo are always reliable for some artsy dance, while Go-A are bringing the 4am-on-a-dusty-beach minimal trance - and there's plenty more goodies besides.

But we're rather enjoying this somewhat leftfield dancy pop number from an act whose name we won't even begin to try to pronounce until we've heard at least three people say it with confidence. It's bouncy, bright, and offers rhythms less trodden for this contest - and in a rare move these days, a pretty well considered use of trumpet.

It's one of those songs where we can't wait to see what they do with live - it could either be an utter fun explosion, or a cool laid back groove, but either way it should be an absolutely cracking opening to the whole Vidbir process, and we suspect they've been given the opening slot of semi one for a very good reason!

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