Monday, 13 January 2020

Lithuania 2020 - Donata Virbilaitė - Made Of Wax

Here's one that didn't make it in Lithuania on Saturday, and while on the one hand you can quite see why, on the other it's a real shame. Just taking the bare ingredients it was always going to struggle. A hackneyed and over-sanitised Motown pastiche with a ludicrous maguffin and a breathless delivery it might have had, but look a little deeper into the lyric and this was actually rather a smart song.

So it's a shame that the quirkiness factor was turned up to twelve, as it's the kind of presentation that usually acts as Kryptonite to the sober-minded juries. And that dress didn't help much either. To you and me it was another smart little touch, and so unflattering that it came out the other side as pure genius. But the normals out there just didn't get it.

Damn shame that we're not getting to see where else they could have taken this, but one suspects that this isn't the last we'll be seeing of La Donata, and we can't wait to discover what she's got for us next!

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  1. loved this one - it's right up my bonkers street. But boy, you're right about THAT dress!