Thursday, 23 January 2020

Finland 2020 - Erika Vikman - Cicciolina

YLE have been doing a weird thing tonight where all of a sudden a UMK song will pop up on YouTube, before disappearing as quickly as it appeared. Fortunately some bright spark thought to bung this one up on Vimeo quick smart, so we'll be able to enjoy it for at least a few more moments until the Finnish telly people get it dragged down.

So what can we expect here then? Well a song about a notorious Hungaro-Italian porn star politician was always going to be ripe fruit for some lyrical liveliness. But with lines that include poetry like "When you have currency under your blouse" and "When I want you will go on your knees in front of me" this one's going to get a few folks at the EBU more than a little hot under the collar if it makes it through.

But ignoring all of that, it's a cracking old time schlager pop romp, with familiar vocal lines, and enough joy in it to make it so happily worthwhile. With all the arch seriousness we're getting to far this year we need a good old fashioned brains off, arms up pop banger with a slightly subversive edge to keep us all in the party mood. Woo. And indeed hoo.

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