Sunday, 12 January 2020

Lithuania 2020 - Meandi - Drip

We were out on punk rock business last night, so missed all the Lithuanian first night fun. So having a trawl through Twitter this morning we were expecting that this yellowy little number was going to be a real treat. Imagine our dismay when we actually saw the thing though.

A fella just about old enough to know better affecting a poor generic rap voice in front of a faux funky backing and a whole big dollop of 'watch this, I'm mad me'. And you know how much we dislike those kind of try-hard japes here.

But wait!

As the song progressed it kind of burrowed its way under our leathery carapace and we started digging it in ways we hadn't imagined. Admittedly all the best bits were at the end when our highly slappable frontman wasn't doing anything and it was just the unfeasibly tall bloke at the back dual-mic'ing and waking into a banging laid back daisy age groove, but hey!

It's the kind of song that'll build a head of bandwagon steam as the series goes on, but then crash and burn at the last or last-but-one hurdle when everyone realises they've been doing the same bloody thing week after week. However, up to that point we'll happily endure the dire first 90 seconds for the smashing diggable bit at the end. I think we're definitely back on a roll now!

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