Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Portugal 2020 - Blasted - Rebellion

When we heard that those Portuguese stadium rave monsters Blasted Mechanism were going to be involved in this year's FdC in some way we became just a little bit excited. Because if you check out their history on YouTube they're been involved in some incredibly catchy and ridiculously visual happenings over the last dozen or so years. So this morning we've been waiting by our screens all excited and anticipatious about what might about to be revealed.

And then it finally was. And we let out a little sad sigh.

While there's no doubting that our Outside Of Eurovision world we'd be going batshit bonkers down the front at 4am in some dodgy continental warehouse to this, it just doesn't offer the same hugely dancey trance pop swagger that most of their back catalogue can offer. And while in their natural environment they can more than afford to having a long, atmospheric build up before dropping  the big blinding beats, in this forum it's all a little disjointed and takes way too long to reach an unsatisfying resolution. Maybe that's why they dropped the Mechanism from their name for this project, but it's all just a little bit disappointing, sadly.

Nevertheless, they're almost certain to offer us a pretty amazing three minutes for the eyes on show night - we hope - it's just a shame that we didn't get the massive laid back grooves that this mob are so famous for. File under: Great act, missed opportunity. That folder's getting a bit too full for our liking!

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