Friday 31 October 2014

Switzerland 2015 - Flo & Raf - Tiny Star

There's something incredibly likeable about this little ditty. The nasal voice and plinky plonky keyboards only add to the sweetness of this cute environmental hymn. But heaven forbid do they need some astronomy lessons.

Flo claims that as a little tiny star he flies around the moon and the earth. Whoa there Flo-jo - do you know what that would actually mean? Even the tiniest star is thousands of times larger than the Earth, the gravity pull from your well-meaning flitterings would pull the solar system right out of alignment, and change our tides into huge tsunamis that would wipe out 75% of all human life.

Worse still, your offer to come down and save us would actually melt us all on the spot, and boil our seas until nothing even close to living could survive. It the kind of saving that mother hamsters do when they eat their own young! Are you some kind of inadvertant angel of death who happily floats around the universe destroying whole celestial features with your well-intentioned clumsiness.

We might be in trouble down here on planet Earth, Tiny Star, but I think we'll take our chances without your help, if that's alright with you.

(PS It's worth watching the whole vid through for Raf's big moment right at the very end.)

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Wednesday 29 October 2014

Switzerland 2015 - Bearforce 1 - Action Man

These cuddly Dutchmen are no strangers to this process, and have been trying to get their furry frames onto the Eurovision stage for some years now. Sadly they're now reduced to ploughing the impossible furrow of the Swiss selection process (has any non-Swiss band ever got through to the latter stages?) - which is a shame because there's something incredibly likable about the old fellas.

OK, so it might tap into a few of the usual Eurovision stereotypes, but they're loads of fun, and would attract heaps of attention come Eurovision fortnight. And you just know that the combined nans of Europe (at least the ones not singing weak prog metal) would instantly take the to their hearts.

One day, lads. One day.

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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Switzerland 2015 - Inge and the TritoneKings - Totenköpfchen

It's always nice when I get tipped off to a tune by one of you fine Apocalyptos. But when I get a barrage of Tweets and PMs saying: "You've just got to see this!", then it's time to start getting a little bit excited. And you most certainly haven't let me down here.

In short, this is an elderly lady singing a song called Dead Head, backed by a proggy speed metal band. I don't really need to say much else.

Of course, in the real world this would be a pretty poor effort. The metal backing feels a little ingenuine, while the nan sounds way too up in the mix, like she's singing to a click track so that the old racket behind her won't damage her failing ear pipes. The whole thing smacks a little of 'let's do something weird for Eurovision' rather than 'hey man, our granny loves the metal!".

But in Eurovisionia, this is a fine early entry into the niche comedy freaky slot, and one that I thank you all for pointing out to me! Keep up the good work!

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Thursday 23 October 2014

Switzerland 2015 - Fly - Voice for Youth

All the ingredients suggest that I really, REALLY shouldn't like this song. Some librarian nan is giving out hints for a happy life to children in what feels like a local community centre fundraiser. You see, you've made up your mind about it already.

But somehow, lord knows how, it's ended up being an utterly charming little number. The music sounds like Underworld covering Family Fodder - or some other post punk hippy beat collective of the early 80s. And Angelina's happy proclamations come over more like brain aerobics for the youth than any kind of social worker badgering.

I'd love to see this make the final - just to see how they'd stage it. Although to be fair, the old girl seems to be struggling to keep time in recorded form, so it could go seriously awry on stage. That being said, this has quite accidentally ended up being an early Apocalypse fave. We must be getting old...

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Wednesday 22 October 2014

Switzerland 2015 - Like Leto - Diary

Click here to witness Dunning-Kruger in full effect…

There's a psychological disorder known as the Dunning-Kruger Effect, whereby unskilled individuals suffer from a kind of illusiary superiority, believing their abilities to be much higher than they actually are. It's believed that this is down to a little switch in the brain that has made them unable to recognise their gross ineptitude.

You will have seen this condition manifest itself in the early stages all manner of TV casting shows. Said hapless contestant gets up in front of the judges, confidently boasts that they're going to rip the show apart and end up bigger than Jesus, before honking out a dog-bothering mess of half remembered lines - usually accompanied by a disjointed, shuffling dance routine.

Psychologists have written many papers about it, and the depth of the condition seems to be of equal severity across the globe.

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to Like Leto.

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Monday 20 October 2014

Malta 2015 - Ekklesia Sisters - Love And Let Go

Good heavens - literally. Half a dozen nuns in pure white wimples singing a mild R'n'B sway-a-long about the children. If this doesn't make it to Vienna someone in Malta will have to have written an actual song!

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Sunday 19 October 2014

Switzerland 2015 - Franck Renand - That's Enough!

Never has a song title been more apt. As you work your way through this video, you'll be wondering exactly what was going through Franck's mind as he decided on how each scene was going to look. He may think he looks mega cool, or even a little bit sexy. But in reality... well, I'll let you see for yourself. But you wouldn't feel comfortable leaving your children with him.

This really is quite a thing! Nice clouds, mind...

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Thursday 16 October 2014

Switzerland 2015 - Thierry Condor - Open Heart Surgery

When they're looking to define the phrase 'ill-advised concept' to future generations, they'll use this clip to help carry over the deeper meaning of the term. What in the name of hell were they thinking?

It's bad enough that our Thierry has the voice of a child and the face of a soap opera murderer. But surely at some point someone must have pointed out that this whole sorry production - song, video, jolly japes and all - wasn't actually funny, and to many would be deeply upsetting.

I'm not sure what passes for larks these days down in the Northern Swiss city of Aarau where Mr Condor hails from, but surely it can't be hamfisted cover versions of gags from 50s British medical dramas. And the best thing of all is, by the look in his eyes, Thierry boy thinks he's onto a winner here.

Glory be to the Swiss open admissions period - keeps me in Apocalypse fuel for months! 

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Tuesday 14 October 2014

Switzerland 2015 - Männerchor steili Kressä - The Beat Of The Meat

Just like the first swallows herald the oncoming of Spring, and a couple of rainy days in October evoke the first Christmas adverts on the telly, then the opening of the Swiss Eurovision application process can only mean one thing...

The booze-fuelled situationist madness of Männerchor steili Kressä. And they're singing about meat.

Ladies and gentlemen, I now declare the 2015 Eurovision season open!

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