Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Ukraine 2020 - Fo Sho - BLCK SQR

Oh my days Ukraine, you've woken the slumbering giant of ESC 2020 right up! We're not quite sure how all this came to be, but we're so glad it did, because Fo Sho have just delivered the most glorious low slung portion of street knowledge that we've heard at this contest in a darned long time.

The three Endale sisters are tapping that turn of the century West Coast vibe, but belting their own smart and sassy contemporary voices all over it. Man, if you don't find yourself slowly nodding your head in time with this you truly have no soul.

We have no idea how well it'll do in a semi-final, but we do have fears. So Ukraine, do the right thing - cancel Vidbir and just send this. The continent deserves it so! At least Jamala won't be there to ask them any awkward questions about Ukrainiansim, we suppose...


Despite a face-meltingly stunning performance, this one middled out with both jury and punter and failed to make the final three. Still, we've got a new face Ukrainian rap act now, so all is not lost!

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