Thursday, 16 January 2020

Portugal 2020 - Bárbara Tinoco - Passe-Partout

It's been an absolute delight to see how beautifully buoyed the Portuguese have been since their Salvador moment, and how they've stopped trying to be Eurovision and have just started being their own beautiful selves. And this was clearly evident in yesterday's FdC reveal. A mostly chilled playlist of breezy tunes and idiosyncratic pop, the whole slate of songs was a delight from start to finish. But the one that truly stood out to us was this little gem.

Barely out of her teens, young Bárbara here offers us a blistering jangly jazz pop romp that seems to namecheck half the greats of European art, music and philosophy along the way - from Méliès to Molierè, via Piaf, Duchamp and Django Reinhardt - all in a voice that at once displays her youthful innocence and optimism, yet suggests a knowingness and intelligence in the phrasing and delivery that belies her age.

The song itself is penned by the equally charismatic Tiago Nacarato, himself a fellow Voice of Portugal alumnus, and the whole package begs a cool, breezy, street performer vibe - and we've no doubt that the girl's got the moxy to pull this off live. We really wouldn't be unhappy to see this one get to Rotterdam - although to be honest we could say the same of a good 85% of its competitors too!

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