Sunday, 19 January 2020

Lithuania 2020 - Twosome - Playa

Remember these larky lads from last year? They got onto these pages with a boisterous tune called 1000. If you recall, they tried extra hard to be wacky, but still came across as a bit loveable despite all that.

Well this year they're back, and what's more they've brought with them a right earworm of a chorus.

It's still terribly try hard - from the dumb name to the hapless dancing to the comedy pratfalls - but they're still somehow immensely likeable in among all the silliness, and I for one will have the line "I'm a Lithuanian basketball player" stuck in my brain for at least the next eight years - minimum!

The jury, of course, hated them, despite the punter love, so they've been doomed to another year in the first round dustbin. So once again this will be their only home from this day forward. But only watch it if you've got a strong disposition for avoiding hooky choruses. Altogether now... "I'm a... gaaaaaah!!!"

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  1. Loved this - complete and utter nonsense - but incredibly likable!