Thursday 11 October 2012

Switzerland 2013 - Los Angeles The Voices - Wild White Horses

The Swiss open application process has up to now attracted something like 175 entrants, and they are for the most part pretty amateurish and unlistenable. There are also a heck of a lot of international entries, with acts from Greece, Sweden, Spain and Barnet all throwing their hat into the ring. But it's an entry from The Netherlands that has induced the most mirth in Apocalypse towers.

Featuring broad-chested Gordon from the late lamented Die Toppers, the snappily named Los Angeles The Voice look like an aggregation of well-weathered session singers clubbing together to sing the old songs for the Sanatogen circuit. Yup, they're like an opera-free Il Divo gone to seed.

But the one thing this song has that nearly every other song in the Swiss selection is a melody, and no matter how ludicrous the donkey dabbling chorus is, you'll have this bleeder stuck in your head all day.

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