Sunday, 26 January 2020

Lithuania 2020 - Bernardas – Dad, Don’t Be Mad At Me

While the last qualifying heat in Lithuania appeared to be backed full with either dreary, earnest singers, or people trying just that little bit too hard to be wacky, there was one song that really got under our collective skin and we're absolutely gutted that it didn't proceed any further. But it didn't get its hooks into us immediately.

When it first started up, the shadowy lighting, old fashioned plinky plonk piano and over-ennunciated vocal delivery made us scoff a little bit. But gradually it lured us in, and before we knew it the entire Apocalypse sofa was stooped forward, staring deeply into the soul of Bernadas as he delivered one of the most personal and emotional performances of the year so far - and probably a couple of years before that, too.

Certainly it had its rough edges, and some of the cheesy lines at first made you stifle a giggle. But as it progressed and those lines repeated you started to understand what it was that he was on about and really warm to his story. In many ways he was like the anti-Salvador - considered, strained, and a little bit like a song from a musical that hasn't yet been made. But despite his complete points blank from a stuffy jury that appears to abhor any kind of character in a song, if Bernardas here managed to connect to even one kid at home who could identify with the song and realise that they were not alone, then I think that's job done.

It's just a shame that it's the last we'll be seeing of it.


  1. This is the Arcade effect, which allows everyone to sing about serious subject matters.

    And Roy, you are absolutely right in what you write.

    On a side note- The musical style arrangement they choose is just wrong for this song and towards the end you can't understand what he is singing.
    Still a shame it didn't go through.

  2. It's a funny old performance this one, Shai, it's true. There's so much about it that suggests I ought to dislike it, but somehow the fella gets me with his delivery.