Monday, 27 January 2020

Belarus 2020 - Absolem Cloud - It's OK

The live audition stream in Belarus is a thing of complete and utter beauty, and has become something of a right of passage for the most committed ESCophile. And it's happening right now as we type - although we're on something of a teabreak at the moment. Rumour has it that they've sifted out the most hapless and hopeless this year, but that certainly doesn't mean that we've been cheated of a whole gaggle of wonky treats.

You've still got lots of people who look like they've just wandered in off the streets, strangling the English language with unsophisticated school play presentations, and a lot of ladies in evening frocks and swollen faces warbling aimlessly through rambling ballads. But you've also got a few small treats in amongst them. And an early example was these two lads.

Looking like they'd nipped out between lessons at the sixth form college, the singing lad mumbles, and the hairy lad toots aimlessly into one of those tooty keyboard thing, and it all sets us up lovely for the strangeness ahead. Don't worry, there's much more where this came from!

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