Thursday, 9 January 2020

Latvia 2020 - Alise Haijama - Me Me Song

So the Supernova songs escaped last night, and at first listen there's not a whole lot that's grabbing us. There's a whole slew of people who are wilfully mistaking 'minimal' for 'dreary', a couple of recidivist desperadoes who must have decided that their only way to the big ESC stage was to get Aminata on board, despite their collective lack of subtle delivery, and the usual gaggle of geezers in hats and waistcoats who always seem to insist that this makes them some how more authentic than the poppier acts.

It wasn't until the very last song on the list that our ears perked and our eyes sharpened - although it was probably for all the wrong reasons. For while Me Me Song certainly stands out from the crowd, it does it in the same way as a bad wig or an ill-fitting glass eye.

Indeed, so knuckle-gnawlingly awkward is this song that our initial thoughts were that it surely must be from some kind of Silvia Night flavoured parody act. But a little digging found that our suspicions were in fact unfounded and this was an actual real person, with a short X Factor career and a dodgy Twitter history behind her.  But we're generous folks here, so we're giving her the benefit of the doubt here and suspecting that there must be some kind of knowing wink involved here, because surely, SURELY nobody could appear to rhyme 'heinous' with 'anus' in a song this cringeworthy and be totally straight up serious about it? Surely?

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