Monday, 27 January 2020

Belarus 2020 - Chakras - La-Ley-La

You can never fully predict who the jury are going to put through from the audition stages in Belarus. A few songs that we thought were dead certs are nowhere to be seen in the final dozen, while some performances that we assumed were dead in the water have somehow made it in under the wire. But there is one of the twelve that both surprised and gladdened us.

Chakras here were smart. They took advantage of going on bang after the interval to use the down time to familiarise themselves with the stage and go through their act. Not that there's much to it - it's simply three singy ladies in flimsy dressing gowns warbling the syllables 'La-Ley-La' over and over again in ever more drifty ways, while a serious bloke in black at the side filled in the deep bits.

Oh, there was a quaint little birdwhistle bit at the start, and some incongruous jaw harp every now and again, but in the main it was floaty nice piece of new age nonsense that'll have the judges reaching for the rule books as to exactly what constitutes a lyric. Actually, we want them to get through just so that we can see the words all written out in the official programme!


Oh my days did this lot ever bring it live! Only the traditional, erm, eccentric Belarussian points accounting kept them from representing their nation in Rotterdam. Absolute damn!

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