Thursday 25 November 2021

Ukraine 2022 - Mister Curly - Honey Bunny

Have you ever wondered what it would happen if you shoved Mélovin, Maruv and Sasha Bognibov into a great big blender and mushed them up with a couple of cartons of UHT milk? I know that we do all the time! But you have to wonder no longer, as Mister Curly here had done pretty much exactly that.

Marvel as this over-confident Ukrainian hopeful gyrates around in his bathroom - clearly keeping one nervous eye out in case his mum returns home early and catches him in the act - and over annunciates every last tortured syllable. It's the kind of thing that finishes last-but-three in one of the Home Composed Song Contests but has absolutely no idea why they did so badly. Yep, it's that special.

And yeah, we know, it's been a slow start to the Apocalypse season, but we reckon this is just the start of the avalanche of nonsense that we're likely to get now that we're getting back to relative normal. Woo hoo!


The lad's removed the comical video from YT, so you're stuck with just the audio version I'm afraid. It's still pretty entertaining, mind.