Friday, 3 January 2020

Lithuania 2020 - Andy Vaic - Why Why Why

The list of runners and riders for Lithuania has been declared this morning, and it's the usual list of familiar old faces, highly promising new ones, and absolutely batshit song titles. Of the familiar, Aistė Pilvelytė is giving it what must be her 300th go, last year's glorious breakout freakazoid Alen Chicco is back for another bout of costume changes, plod rockers Glossarium are back with some more riffs, and even dear old Indraya has popped up from the past, alongside a whole load of other didn't-quite-get-out-of-a-recent-semi hopefuls.

Of the promising newcomers, White Crows will hopefully bring some loud-soft-loud poppy jangle, Abrokenleg could either be cooky alt pop fun or accursed wacky funk, and Evgenya Redko looks like she could provide this season's Fuego lite fankind excitement. There's a close harmony gospel mob called The Backs, and a dreary dad pop act called The Roop, who worryingly appear to be pretty big in the home country. Heck, they've even got an opera singer, one Viktorija Miškūnaitė, in an attempt to play just like the big boys.

Many of the song titles are a treat too, and one suspects we'll be seeing a few of them on these very pages in the coming weeks. We've got cheery tunes like 'Don't Kill Yourself', 'Dad, Don't Be Mad', 'Made Of Wax' and 'Electric Boy', as well as another 'Alligator' - which we're beginning to think must be a play on words around those parts, and even a 'Solarium'. Cripes!

But out of all of these, just the one song has made itself known so far, and that's this one. It's a cheery kind of hipster shuffle with a halfway nonsensical lyric by a young Oxford student - so he should know better with the words! It might even tap into that recent need to have at least one geeky looking lad shuffling about on the big Eurovision stage. Although having said that, it's been out since early November, and the decently-made video has only had just under 8000 views in all that time. But he was a member of the vaguely popular folksy indie band Kūjeliai, so he must have some associated cache.

But that's by the by - the songs and the artists are finally beginning to trickle in, and this long-stuttering on season appears to finally be under way - and for that we applaud you, Mr Vaic!

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