Thursday, 30 January 2020

Ukraine 2020 - Jerry Heil - Vegan

It's all looking a bit dour so far this year, with its plethora of sadbois and Fuego clones - so thank heavens for the Ukrainians, whose semi-final selections are looking more exciting with each new reveal. And this is one that we've got particularly high hopes for here at Apocalypse Heights.

Heil is a pretty well known face back home. Starting out as a YouTube star, she successfully carried her career onto the world of pop proper, and specialises in fabulous youth-facing pop froth with a slightly subversive edge, kind of in the vein of a Katy Perry or a Taylor Swift, only with a massive knowing wink to the viewers back home.

So all being well she could be ideal for this funny old contest, especially as her song hits the pop culture zeitgeist bang on - but it's another one that's all down to the live performance, and the reception of those grumpy old judges - but we reckon she's got the attitude to carry it through.

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