Friday, 31 January 2020

Denmark 2020 - Maja Og De Sarte Sjæle - Den Eneste Goth I Vejle

When the traditionally beige list of Danish songs were announced last night there was one title that perked the attention of more than a few of us. Did that really say "The Only Goth In Vejle"? Turns out that not only were our suppositions true, but that Maja And The Delicate Souls (although a good dozen other translations are available) were a smashing jangly indie folk act that really sounded like they ought to be Scottish.

We really couldn't be that lucky, could we?

So when we finally got passed the track last night at about 2:30am we were truly gladdened by what an absolute little smasher it was. A rattly two-stringed gothy pop riff underlaid a graceful, lilting vocal and a smashing innocently happy melody, while the odd snatch of the words that we could easily translate hinted at an incredibly smart lyric. And then it happened...

OK, so referencing the band who should no longer be mentioned is perhaps a risky move, especially as there'll be some dullard who bleats 'plagiat!' and tries to get it DQ'd, (no, not THAT DQ!), but it's phrased slightly differently and using a significantly different melody so we should be alright. And anyway, who ever dobbed on the Fire/Higher/Desire mob for their constant rehashing of the same bloody phrase.

It would be a beautiful thing if the Danes see sense and send this to Rotterdam. I have an aching suspicion that they won't, but fair play for sending it DTF in an arch and over-complicated selection system that could have seen it lost before we got a chance to see it performed live. It's no world-beater, for sure, but it'd be a lovely point of difference among the attack of the clones that we've had to endure so far.


  1. I absolutely love this song. I also liked quite a few of the others from Denmaark, but I'm a sucker for the various Scandi vibes. Please say which band you're referring to as it's driving me crazy!

  2. Oh it's not a massive secret - it's The Smiths. But since that lump that sings for them got all deliberately right wing, folks are starting to revise their love for them.