Friday, 10 January 2020

Latvia 2020 - Madara - Māras Zeme

"It all seemed so innocent when they invited us into the woods. I mean, we'd seen that Midsommar film, but you know, that kind of thing only happens in Sweden, right?

This ageless woman with a cello said it would be OK. She could have been sixteen or she could have been sixty. She had such a calming voice that we just couldn't say no to her. But it was when the middle aged man that we hadn't noticed before started rubbing his drum furtively that we began to worry. And then when the lady next to him appeared to begin some kind of crochet activity on a skateboard we knew that we had to leave. And quickly.

The elfin woman with the dreads struck the first blow. The boy with the gong just stared blankly at us and everything began to turn a strange shade of red. To this day I'm not sure how I got out. Maybe it was a as warning to others. Maybe a lure. But I know that if I ever hear that sweet sonorous song again I'll... wait, what? Oh no... look away, children. Look away..."

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