Thursday 11 May 2023

Ireland 2023 - Cruachan - The Blacksmith


With the inevitable bleating from the Babyman in a golden rompersuit about how everyone clearly hates Ireland still ringing in our ears (despite everyone warning them the song was shite long in advance of it being chosen), a band who were overlooked for the process of selecting the Irish song quietly released their submission - and boy would it have changed everything!

Cruachan are a Pagan Metal band who were the first act to publicly declare their application for the golden ticket. They're a crack live act with a very distinct visual image and a total belief in their own music. They also know how to lay down a pretty decent tune. Apparently the shortlisting team listened to the song but didn't think it would work in the context of Eurosong. Have they actually watched Eurovision lately? Not since 1997, by the sounds of it, because this one would have ripped up the stage.

Instead they bagged a handful of novices, an old punker well past his best days, and a whiney boy band who seemed like they were the anointed ones well in advance of the show. And the saddest thing is, I bet they were making a bold statement with Wild Youth instead of the decades-behind-the-pack inspiro-dross it actually was. If ever there was an opportunity missed, this is surely it! (Although can you imagine what it would have looked and sounded like on the late Late Show?!)