Monday, 20 January 2020

Lithuania 2020 - Abrokenleg – Electric Boy

Now obviously when we saw that there was an act called Abrokenleg in the Lithuanian process we had to check out their back catalogue for potential funs. And we weren't entirely let down. But rather than the pop noise we were expecting, we found a load of unexpectedly quaint and smart dream pop. None of which, of course, prepared us for this...

Kicking off with a weird, brooding and over-ununciated intro from an elfin living doll, the song swiftly switched gears into a right old stomp, her breathy diction deliberately making the flesh crawl on each repeated recitation of the song's title.

The whole package resulted in an awkward, beautifully unsettling little mix up that seemed to mildly alienate both juries and punters alike, who all seemed to prefer the blandness that night. So we thought we'd better save it for posterity in the Apocalypse annals of glory, as it was a much better attempt than its lowly points table position merited.

Oh, and if you were wondering, we tried a QR reader on her frock and it didn't work. Missed opportunity!


  1. my favourite tune of the whole season so far!
    Who knew that Lene Lovich had a lithiuanian love-child!

  2. LOL I was going to try a QR reader too. Glad you've saved me the bother. Of course, there's nothing stopping someone creating a QR code retrospectively.....