Monday, 29 February 2016

Norway 2016 - MGP Reprises - In Sign Language

After last year's ridiculously entertaining signers at MelFest, it looks like the Norwegians fancied a go of their own, and lined up a conveyor belt of ever more entertaining sign language translators to explain the songs that were being reprised over their shoulders.

They get incrimentally better and better, although our fave is the game old girl who's having a right rave to Feel Da Rush! They look like they're having far too much fun, and on occasions I'm not entirely convinced that they're actually signing - come on, they're just dancing, right. Especially that lad in the leather waistcoat!

If there are any Norwegians with hearing difficulties out there who can conform or deny this, then please do fill us in!


  1. Hi! My name is Paal Richard Peterson, I'm head of the Sign Language Department in NRK. Thank you for posting about out interpreting! Interpretation of artistic expression, as music, is to take personal choices based upon knowledge about the song and the receiver. Translation between two languages will never be a one-to-one relationship. An expression in written/spoken language, can be expressed in many ways in sign language and vice versa. The purpose is always to convey content, but also mood, emotion, style. But the interpretation shall never stand alone by itself without the original song. There should be consistency between the song and interpretation. We interpreted the song contest for the very first time this year, and will of course evaluate carefully the whole process.

  2. Nothing but the best quality responses here! Thanks for illuminating us on your craft, Paal. That makes absolutely perfect sense. Can't wait to see what you have on offer for next year, now!