Saturday, 27 February 2016

Moldova 2016 - Valentin Uzun - Mine

So Even-More-Super Saturday may have been drenched with disappointment, as absolutely none of my favourites got through, but there was still plenty of fun to be had - not least in Moldova, where pretty much every song that was performed looked utterly bonkers apart from the one that won. It was like 1980 all over again!

I've got loads to keep you busy with for the rest of the week, but why not start at the beginning with this lively lad. Valentin here appeared to have brought his pet along with him, and rested it on his head for his entire performance. Even the traditional parpy Moldovan trumpets didn't wake it up. Neither did the practically unclothed ladies that were blowing them, nor the flaming guitars near the end.

But we'll save the best bit of all for you to discover. In all my days covering musics of all genres right across the world, I've never seen THAT happen! Do enjoy! 

More Moldovan antics before the day is out!

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