Sunday, 7 February 2016

Hungary 2016 - B The First - You Told Me That You Loved Me

Now I'm not averse to a spot of old time, good time rock 'n' roll. So when I first heard the hillbilly blues of  B The First, I hoped that we would be in for something interesting on the live front. After all, the Hungarian shows so far have polished up an awful lot of turds into decent looking performances. However, I wasn't quite expecting this.

Rather than young, spiky quiffabillies, BTF have more the demeanour of three smug old pub musos, like some kind of mid-70s pre-punk pub rock band, all decked out in signature black and red. But wait a minute, what is that singer wearing?

Some manner of slashed-to-the-waist darts shirt with tassly epaulettes on the shoulders, it seems. And when married to his whispy, spiv's moustache and small-scale bodybuilder physique it all seems a bit incongrous to the sounds the band were making. Still, as strange as it may seem, it qualified - albeit in a complicated manner that would have had even the Lithuanian score-keeper scratching his head.

One to watch, but I'm not entirely sure if it's for the right reasons...

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