Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Sweden 2016 - Ace Wilder - Don't Worry (Lyric)

She was the revelation of Melfest 2014. Her cheeky, chirpy up tempo stomp about being a lazy arse in the 21st Century wowed the fans both home and abroad, and will forever more be dubbed as one of the ones that got away. Indeed, she was desperately unlucky to have been up against serial near-misser Sanna and her first half decent song.

So news that she was returning for this year's tournament filled those who have been following this contest over the years with a mix of joy and dread. Whould she come back stronger and tougher, like Måns, Sanna and Sanner, or would just be another sad example of the Sean Banan law of diminishing returns?

Well judging by the lyric sheet that SVT produced this morning we fear it's the latter. Yes, there's the same two-fingers-up-to-the-world attitude, but the storyline is a bit more garbled and clichéd. And on top of that, some of those lines are absolutely cringeworthy... "My money's low/my wifi slow/and I've got a useless, dumbass, smartass phone" - oof! And there's worse still to come, so I figured that in lieu of a video for the next little while, you might enjoy groaning through the lyric sheet to prepare yourselves for the groaning. 

Let's just hope the musical track that lays beneath it is an absolute belter, and we scarcely notice the more groanworthy moments, cos we like Ace, we really do. Oh, and one more thing... She really wants to sack whoever wrote that lyric out - the only time you've ever seem such bad spelling and punctuation was that one time you got your dad to do your homework!


We've just heard a clip of the song. Don't worry, there's nothing to see here...

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