Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Italy 2016 - Enrico Ruggeri - Il Primo Amore Non Si Scorda Ma

Samremo's on. Five full days of songs, shouting and confusion. Of slick, bored men and women who's been procedured to the very edges of expression talking an awful lot, and occasionally letting the odd tune or two sneak out among all the blather and madness. We bloody love it at Apocalypse Towers. But while the first half of the songs weren't quite up to the usual gravelly standards, here was still plenty to enjoy.

Enrico here's got form, of course, and still sits among the higher thrones of Italian music stardom. So when his Sanremo 2016 tune began a little inauspiciously we did begin to wonder if he still had it. This concern was compounded when it all turned into a bit of weak reggae two-beat. But we shouldn't have worried - an unexpected gear change lumped the whole affair into a bit of a stomp rock belter, and our Enrico started strutting around the stage like a bald peacock, crouching like a man with the knees of a 15-year-old in slightly too tight trews. 

And then it got stranger. A tuxedoed man began to wibble about with an analogue synth, before the orchestra stringed it up and it all got incredibly rich and noisy. Wowsers. This song would in no way light up Eurovision proper, but in Sanremo terms it made absolute, perfect sense. Part of me would love this to get through to Stockholm, if only because it would confused the heck out of the Euroclub set. But we'll just have to wait and see what tomorrow has to offer. Because in this game, anything could happen. 

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