Monday, 1 February 2016

Hungary 2016 - C.E.T. - Free

You've got to feel a little bit sorry for the poor boy singing here. The song that he's fronting was half-decent without blowing anyone away, but the choice of staging was perhaps a tad confusing. The dancers may have seemed a little out of place - especially as at first we imagined we were going to be watching a boyband outing - but it was when the stagehands wandered on mid song to remove some of the scenery that we started to get really confused.

Was this meant to happen? I think it probably was, but it did distract from the musical goings on somewhat.

And then there was the evident monitoring issues. Our lad here looked intense enough from the offset, but the in-ear monitors clearly hit peak volume at about halfway through the song, and he ripped them out in some great discomfort, looking every bit like a scalded cat. This resulted in him losing his way in the song for a moment, and then losing his pitch just a shard for the rest of it, which was a real shame, because I was growing to like it at this point.

And worst of all for him, it came plumb last in the voting. I'd say that he was more than a little hard done by here. There were far duller songs in that show that qualified in much higher places - even if their singers weren't quite as scary as out boy here. I hope we get to see him again next year, cos he's definitely got something about him.


  1. worst of all for me on this one was the choice of costume! Leather trousers and a three-quarter length sleeved gray t-shirt?? Where've we seen that combination before? On this year's winner, that's where! That styling is so 2015!

  2. I'm free , i'm free , i'm freee.....