Monday, 8 February 2016

Latvia 2016 - Riga Beaver - Beavernova

Anyone who followed last year's Supernova would have been delighted to disover that the undoubted star of last year's show had returned - yes, the Beaver is back! Almost entirely a cult for those of us strange foreigners, the Riga Beaver is reasonably little-known in his home country. But to us hardy few who suffer stuttery sunday night streaming connections, he is our one true idol.

And we've been upgraded this term, too. For last year's semis all we got tomsee of him was a silent clip from a locked off camera at the back before they realised his international and mic'd him up for the final. This year we get full routines of last season's songs, and delight as the fluffy lad himself leaps about and gets in the way of the grump next acts as they set up.

So delight here in a good quarter hour of last night's best bit. Our fave was was his take on ElektroFolk's previous entry. Although his Mntha was pretty goo. Hang about, there was also his racey Aminata skit... Oh see for yourself!

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  1. Words cannot express how happy this makes me.