Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Sweden 2016 - Swingfly featuring Helena Gutarra – You Carved Your Name

We flipping love Swingfly here at Apocalypse Towers. The bloke may have all the rhythm of a broken clock and a voice like a barking drill sergeant, but there's something completely lovable about the old fella, and his tunes always challenge you to dare trying not to tap your feet.

Me And My Drum is pretty much our favourite MelFest near miss ever, and while You Carved Your Name isn't quite in the same league as that beauty, it's still got considerable charms. The insistent techno flutter behind the vocals gets under your skin like some kind of pleasant disease, while the ballsy voice and jumping about of his co-conspiritor Helena only adds to the song's 'let's do the show here' street party vibe.

Absolutely gutted that this didn't make it to at least Andra Chansen, and even more surprised that it only reached sixth place in an extraordinarily bland semi-final. Ah well, what do those Swedes know, anyway...

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