Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Moldova 2016 - Chris Maroo - Tonight

Anyone lucky enough to get a decent stream for the first Moldovan semi tonight would have enjoyed this spirited little number. Although when we say 'enjoy', we actually probably mean 'ran in terror'. Because boy this was bad. So bad that we're not entirely sure how me missed it in our first sweep through the qualifying round performances.

It's not so much a song as a nice lady having a nice time at the karaoke bar. It's her first go on the machine, mind, so she's not entirely sure how to project to the microphone yet. As such, she got the scoring you'd imagine. Not one of the grim looking jurors gave her a single point - her nearest rival getting a respectable 21 of them. And when it got to the televote she only got a measly 99 people to ring in for her - although I'd expect at least 78 were her mum. But somehow she managed to bag a point in the vote as inexplicably two acts got less punter love than her - Chriss Jeff managing and embarrassing 30, and poor Priza only harvesting a seemingly inexplicable 13. You could see them voting for themselves in the green room - how could that possibly be?

But the real loser tonight was our pal Sasha Bognibov. He must have been sitting at home, shouting at the telly, saying: "How in the name of all that is great and good did this get onto the live show and not me?!" And we have to agree that he has a point!

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