Sunday, 14 February 2016

Estonia 2016 - Mick Pedaja - Seis

You always come to expect something groundbreakingly exciting or achingly minimal from the Estonians, but last night's performance from Mick Pedaja knocked me aside with it's beautiful simplicity. Someone at ETV has clearly got a new box of lighting effects, because there were a few unusual bits and pieces in the first Laulish semi-final, but this one was the most hauntingly effective.

I won't give the whole game away, but expect a lone, back-lit figure on stage, with some of the most gently fragile lighting and camera effects we've ever seen at this show. They song's a really heartbeat slowing breathtaker too. Wowsers.

On suspects that if something this wispy got to Eurovision proper it would get a bit lost in the big noisy pack, but as a standalone three minutes it's an artefact of the utmost musical beauty. Could watch this one again and again and again.

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