Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Moldova 2016 - Priza - Rewind

Remember us gently Ribbing poor Chris Maroo last night after her low performing turn in the first Moldovan semi last night? Well this poor mob fared slightly worse - in the televote at least. Despite coming a respectable ninth out of twelve in the jury vote with a none-too-shabby 29 point, when it came to the punters, oh my days did it get embarrassing. 

How many did they score on a national phone vote on live, prime time, main channel TV? Thirteen. One-three. A Baker's Dozen. Crikey. Well it was certainly an unlucky number for them, and they must be wondering quite how they managed to score 86 less points than the hapless Ms Maroo - and even 17 phone calls less than the ambling Chriss Jeff. Heavens, there were five people in the band, and they were all seen texting rabidly in the green room. Do these people not have families who care for their careers? Friends who want to help them along their way? Pets?

One can only assume that something went awry with their number on the night. Although when we say 'assume'. we probably actually mean 'hope'. Because the alternative doesn't bear thinking about, poor loves...

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