Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Georgia 2016 - Young Georgian Lolitaz - Midnight Gold

Georgia are in the building, and much to the dismay of the rank and file, they delivered a pretty decent fistful of wigout indie rock tunes tonight - and this one was my fave.

It starts a little sweetly on a decent 1998 beatpop groove, but by halfway in the boys begin to rock out good and proper and deliver us a lovely slice of bouncy chunkiness. And by the time guitarboy gets down on his knees and starts widdling with his pedals I was sold good and proper.

One suspects that it's probably a bit to end-of-the-rock gig to meet with too much popular appeal, and suspect that the Georgian public will either go with the Oasis-meets-Kula Shaker pop tune in trap four, or the much slower and more accessable one that the band themselves wrote at the end. But I'll always have this tune, and suspect that I'll be keeping a close watch on their career from here on in!

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  1. This song song is one of my favourites (I'm not sure if I have a favourite?) because of the combination of a Britpop melody mixed with all that feedback. I'd guess they'd have to mime the feedback experiment if it made it to Stockholm. Which in turn would make it even better.