Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sweden 2016 - Panetoz - Håll Om Mig Hårt

I hate the concept of guilty pleasures. It's just a ponced up excuse to enjoy things that you actually really like, but that perceived cool just will not allow under normal circumstances. Why can't you just like what you like and be damned with it. But there are still some thing that you really shouldn't find yourself enjoying where you can't help but loving every last bit of it.

Panetoz, for instance.

You could write huge tracts of copy explaining why they're not actually very good. They ain't the best singers, their routines are a bid dad-stompy and they can't dress for billio. But there is just something so infectiously charming about their whole demeamour that only a heartless grump could ever truly hate them. I began watching this three minutes last night in a grumble at their badness, but by the end they had me and the missus dancing on the table and singing along in abject delight.

Come on Sweden, see sense. You're not trying to win this thing, you just want to show Europe what a great party you can throw. So what better song to chose than this little belter. No one will ever remember that tedious Molly Sanden drudge in six months time, but they'll be singing along to this forever!

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  1. They'd make a superb interval act in May but we might not get to see them if the Beeb do their usual 'cut to Mel/Scott/Graham' treatment of those acts...