Saturday, 27 February 2016

Slovenia 2016 - Vladimir Putin - Putin, Putout (Interval)

Those of you who found a reliable link for Slovenia's EMA tonight may have found their jaws dropping to the floor when it came to interval time. For after a nicely mash up between 2015's Maraaya and Mini EMA winner Lina Kuduzovic came this strange but beguiling little number.

The show's host Klemen Slakonja boldly took a pop at that tiny orange lad who runs that big country that own all the oil over to the East there. No, not that one... up a bit. Yes, THAT one. In doing so he's probably guaranteed himself a radio active breakfast at some point in the next six months, or at the very least a life time of Afghani donkey porn spam on every email address he ever owns from here on in.

Indeed, I'm fully expecting a similar fate for simply showing you this little beaut, so watch it quite before all my teeth start falling out...

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