Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Latvia 2016 - Justs - Heartbeat

Oh hello! Now we're talking! LTV were clearly paying attention after Aminata's heartening high finish last season, and have absolutely peppered their 20 semi-final slows with cool slices of minimal electronica. But of course, if you want the job done well you go straight to source. 

Yep, for the coolest, neatest three minutes of the year so far you need go no further than this Aminata-penned beauty. while still sparse, it's still much fuller and beatier than last year's effort, and Justs' voice has just the requited bluesy fringes to give the whole production a little edge.

Sure, there's still familiar names like Marcus Rivas, Samanta Tīna and Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis in the mix, but one suspects that this is going to be the tune to beat this year. Well one hopes so at the very least.


  1. So I love this song and his voice! I think they meld wonderfully together. Just need to wait to see him perform it live. Nick, however is not impressed. He's being a tough cookie this year... :-)

  2. What have you been doing to Nick over the past year? He sounds like he's in a right old grump! :-)

  3. this is by far the stand out track of the Latvian selection this year - but is it just a little TOO like "Love Injected" to go to the main event?