Sunday, 28 February 2016

Latvia 2016 - Riga Beaver - Let It Go (Interval)

The biggest Eurovision cult figure of the last two years is undoubtedly the Riga Beaver. What started out as a furry warm up man for a studio-based final soon became the coolest thing in all Eurovisionia for those in the know, and for tonight's Supernova final he was in tip top form.

It started strangely with a class in how to make a snowflake, and got more unlikely still with a freestyle reggae session. But the icing on the cake was the truly beautiful moment when he dragged a tiny fairy girl on stage to sing just about the best version of Let It Go you ever heard.

Watch in awe as he flutters around the stage with a magic wand in his hand, and coo with delight as you begin to notice that the wee tot knows every last word and action of the song. Watch the whole thing through for maximum fun, but skip forward to 12:54 for the Frozen moment. I don't think we'll see anything more perfectly joyful as this all year.

Now, let's get that campaign going to get the Beaver reading out the Latvian votes in Stockholm!

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