Thursday, 18 February 2016

Poland 2016 - Margaret - Cool Me Down

I've long held a theory that aliens could accidentally crash on this planet with no prior knowledge of the Earth's existence, and still be able to identify a song as Swedish if it was the first tune that was ever played to them. This song underlines that theory perfectly.

Margaret here is a top Polish pop star, famed for singing in that kind of flat nasal street style beloved of the likes of Rihanna and her ilk. Neither of which lend to immediate thoughts of Scandic sort. Like them aliens, I had no prior knowledge of this song, but the second I heard the chorus I instantly knew that it had grubby little Swedish fingerprints all over it. After years of following this contest you just know. And sure enough, after a tiny bit of digging I discovered that, yes, it was part-written by a Swede. But wait, you say, isn't it also part-written by that Arash of Azerbaijan? What, the Iranian lad who moved to Sweden at the age of ten? I reply. Got them bang to rights!

What's even more interesting is that in the last hour or so, Poland have flown up in the betting, from middle ground outsiders to a spot jostling among the contenders. Are the gambling folks second guessing that this one is getting through? Or has someone made an arrangement somewhere down the line? Keep a close eye on this one, it could get interesting...


  1. I sense that if this makes this through to Stockholm (and that assumes Margaret can replicate this live), Poland might have their best chance since their debut year of winning Eurovision.

    I suspect that they'd get 12 televote points from the UK anyway, maybe even the 12 jury ones too if she wears a respectable summer dress ;)

  2. This sounds like Bebe Rexha's part in "Hey Mama" stretched into a three-minute song, with plenty of padding. It's still quite fun, though.