Thursday, 11 February 2016

Romania 2016 - Hayley Evetts - Brand New Day

OK, so we're used to strange things happening in Romania, but something pretty difficult to comprehend has just happened down Bucharest way. Let's see if we've got this right...

Remember that Hayley Evetts? You know, the sweet one off Pop Idol 2002? Yes her. Well not only has she entered in Romania, but it sounds just she's being backed by an ELO trib act. Yes, we know.

Stranger still, word has it that it's written by one Martin Bayley - who you may remember as the musical airline pilot who wrote pretty much the UK's last decent effort - Jessica Garlick's Come Back.

There's too much maths there to fully understand, but how the heck has this come to be? Help me, mummy. Help me. 


  1. The literally sounds like a cheap film/TV production soundalike version of "Mr Blue Sky", to be used when a production company can't afford ELO's version.

  2. It gets even weirder. Along with Martin Bayley, the song was co-written by Phil Bates who, in the '90s, was part of a band called ELO Part II. It was kind of an ELO spin-off group based around the original drummer.

  3. Oh heck! He's the one who filled Jeff Lynne's boots in the band. He's gotmloads of history in 70s glammish bands like Trickster, too.

    It gets stranger!