Saturday, 13 February 2016

Switzerland 2016 - Kaceo - Disque d'Or

That Swiss final was a bit of a strange one. No decent songs by any reasonable measure, a bland put winner, and a whole load of cover versions for no apparent reason. But it did have this...

OK, so the band are insufferably smug raggle taggle merchants trying to be wacky, but look... the drummer's wearing boxing gloves! And the singer's riding a little unicorn!

Oh please yourselves!


  1. This song is appallingly misogynistic. They had to release a different version because the original had so much bad language in it (French slang for bitch, whore, legs open, mouth open, etc). But even with that cleaned up, the song is still raging against sexy female pop stars, with the band seemingly convinced said performers only get signed because they perform sexual acts on record executives. (Just think through that logic for a second, guys...)

  2. Oh good, I can happily hate them again now!