Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Russia 2016 - Sergei Lazarev - One (Teaser)

This has been the year of the curious teaser. France gave a set of clues so obtuse that we can'tbwork them out even now we know who it is. Australia, on the other hand, have been giving a visual clue a day, like some kind of hokey murder mystery weekend, and the concept of the teaser trailer has never been more frequently used.

But the Russians have just supplied us with possibly the most teasing teaser of all time. Thirteen seconds of Sergei pumping about, with a dark, forboding electronica backdrop, that sounds a little similar to the opening bars of Euphoria.

So what have we learned here? Well, the video looks like it's a pretty big production, and on occasions he appears to be dancing at a decent tempo. But aside from that, who can tell. Come one son, give us a bit more to get our teeth into than that or we'll, you know, lose interest. Possibly. 

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