Sunday, 31 January 2016

UK 2016 - Basil Simon - #lovinglife

Another UK maybe not here. You may remember Basil here as the big lad in the top hat who got to the last 16 of the Overs in the 2011 season of UK X Factor, but he's got some history as a music producer and singer, and has even written a national anthem. OK, it was for the renegade metal platform off the coast of Suffolk called Sealand, but it's still an anthem.

So he's got some decent form, but I was still surprised to see his video crop up on YouTube the other day. And at first it's not terribly promising. When you see an older bloke sat on his tod in a studio with a self operated camera you do get the fear - although maybe that's something that all those years of Swiss pre-qualifiers have drummed into me. But a few bars in and I'm actually starting to enjoy it, much to my own amazement.

The bloke's got a terrific set of pipes - even if he does get too close to the mic on occasions -  and the song's happy-go-lucky bounce gets into your bones after the third rotation in ways you didn't expect. Of course, you would suspect that it's another of the unfortunate rejects - although he's not moaning churlishly about it like most of the others are, so know knows. You don't think, do you...?


  1. Wow, he's a heck of a singer! I'm not surprised the song wasn't chosen, as it's a very English pub-song sounding track, as endearing as it may be. But yeah, would have loved him to represent the UK with a slightly more serious rock song!

  2. Thanks Guys! Im feeling the love!