Monday, 6 February 2017

Ukraine 2017 - Payushchie Trusy - Singing Pants

Ooh now, this could get lively. The slightly anarchic Ukrainian girl group Payushchie Trusy have let their song from the host's third semi-final sneak out, and it's a stompy belter.

Fair enough, the chorus of their self-titled tune does go on a bit, but the girls themselves look like the kind of handful that a 21st century Eurovision needs. Just imagine this lot half cut at the third delegation party of the night - things could get brutal.

But would the home nation be bold enough to pick an act as lively and unpredictable as this little mob to represent them on an international stage? It would be a brave move, for sure, but one that we would wholeheartedly recommend!

Oh yes, be warned that they rattle on a bit before the song kicks off - so fast forward to about 1:50 if you're not the kind of human who likes to watch foreign ladies in skimpy garb talking funny.

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