Saturday, 4 February 2017

Sweden 2017 - Loreen - Statements (A rumour that has been quashed!)


We've had an official ruling from the dark lord himself. This apparently IS Loreen, but isn't Statements. Rather, it's a demo from the album. Phew! Glad we got that cleared up. Now off you go, nothing to see here!


Now here's a funny thing. A rumour has buzzed around the Eurovision darkweb this morning that Loreen's MF semi-final closer Statements was played at a fashion show in the week. Then all of a sudden up pops a video of said show. But is there any voracity to these claims?

The reputed clip starts at around 1:16 and goes on to about 2:40, and it does indeed sound a bit like lovely mumbly Loreen. But why would she debut it at a very cramped looking fashion show? And who put the rumour out in the first place? Mind you, the Swedes do have form putting out these weird videos and misinformation, so it should perhaps be taken with many pinches of salt.

But if it is indeed her, what do we think of it? Well, it does indeed have that faint whiff of Nirvana - but more like the introspective stuff from In Utero than any of Nevermind. And it does sound in a similar vein to songs of hers like We Got The Power. But it does all seem a little strange to be snuck out in this way. I'm sure the video will disappear in minutes. But we'll keep our collective ears to the ground to see what more news we can gleen.

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