Thursday, 9 February 2017

France 2017 - Alma - Requiem

Ooh now, we have Frenchness…

It seemed like a new rumour emerged every two or three days - usually a bit of wish-fulfilment attached to some handsome Gallic with a new three minute song out. But then all of a sudden this little blinder just pops up out of the ether, claiming to be the new saviour of French Eurovisioness. And it ain't actually half bad.

A bouncy little confection, it hurtles along pleasingly through the verses, until the wonky chorus melodies catch you all off kilter. We likely, and we hope you will do.

Now let's hope it's the real thing and not just another dashed rumour!


  1. Not a rumour anymore - same songwriter as "J'ai cherche". Hopefully Alma's first live performance is the worst one we'll see, a bit like Amir's first live go at his song in 2016...

  2. Our household is a in odds here. I love it. Nick hates it. We both agree that the live performance leaves A LOT to be desired. I think there's great potential and Nick has uttered the words "fanwank" for the second time this year (after Finland). I'm still very much open to the possibility of a great entry, if she manages to completely upgrade her performance. Nick is not as lenient.