Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sweden 2017 - Lisa Ajax - I Don't Give A

****STOP PRESS****

Now with added video goodness. Most probably NSFW (strangely)!


Oh my giddy aunt, this is all a bit sweary! While we won't have any kind of sound or vision clips for Ms Ajax's tune on Melfest this Saturday, the lyric sheet gives away a little of what we can expect to hear. F bombs, mainly.

The Swedes have got a curious relationship with the old Lord Mayoring. With no specific swearwords of their own, the voraciously devour ours, and their radio and music shows are often littered with the uncensored versions of songs that would get any UK stations instantly closed down.

So it's clear that our Lisa is only really there to make up the numbers and cause a bit of a singalong stir. At least we assume she is, because if this starts looking like it's going to get anywhere near Kiev some nervous mumbling in back offices of TV land is going to quickly commence!

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