Monday, 6 February 2017

Latvia 2017 - Pikaso – U (Can Keep Your Cools)

Regular readers will be well aware that I have a particular love of the variable hip hop stylings of Europe. I enjoy nothing more than a deep Slavic voice aggressively spitting out the rhymes, or a lilting Romance language floating softly over the beats. But sadly, for every one of those there are a dozen tunes like this hapless ramble into pointlessness.

Yep, Pikaso here delivered a complete shocker in the Supernova last evening. Mumbling his way through some over complicated lines in a laughable Bronx-cum-Ventspils accent he looks somehow both lost and ridiculously over-confident at the same time – which we have to confess is really quite a skill.

After his performance, the panel understandably ripped into him. There was a glorious moment when some especially stinging remark came his way, and he turned to his backing singers for reassurance – only to be met with three knowing shrugs of agreement. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

By the way, this song is much funnier if you listen to it imagining that they are singing “U can keep your goose” - just like Mrs Apocalypse mistakenly thought that they were.


  1. What can I say. He can definitely keep his goose. It's just so contrived!

  2. Many lols! Always on form. Mr G!