Saturday, 4 February 2017

Hungary 2017 - Enikő Muri - Jericho

There could have been many reasons that I could have picked this performance to enter the Apocalypse hall of fame. The song, by its own merits, is a middle ground affair, and neither too good nor too bad to grace these pages by the usual means. But there's so much else that could have lured it here.

Perhaps it was the glowing Ms Muri's slightly over-enthusiastic delivery? Or maybe the foetally-young backing dancers bending about in all kinds of unnatural shapes? Or perhaps it was her shocking gown? Or maybe even the don't-actually-mean-anything words? Nope, it was nope of the above.

It was the props. Only and ever the props. They only play a minor role in the production, but become mini laugh riots every time they appear. Remember, someone has conceived, approved, designed and operated these props. And did nobody at any point think: "Hey, maybe this isn't such a good idea after all?"

Clearly not, as it turns out...


  1. The Walls Of Jericho on a very, very tiny budget? :)

    And I thought that Marlon Brando was long gone - what is he doing on the A Dal jury? ;)

  2. Wow, if there ever was a better fallen-soufflé analogy before, I haven't seen it. What a stupid effect. It's not even bad enough to look like a mistake. It's just really dumb. And so is the song's hook. Shame, because she isn't a bad singer. Oh, and she needs to fire her stylist.