Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Bulgaria 2017 - Gery-Nikol - Gotina And Luda

Some not insignificant rumours are creeping out of Bulgaria are on the cusp of announcing Gery-Nikol as their artist. There have been thinly veiled suggestions that she was on the shortlist for some time, but the tattle mill has gone into overdrive over the last few days, and this song is the one most frequently mentioned in dispatches.

Some would have it that it's going to be performed in this form. Others that they're translating it into English, and other that she'll be doing something very much in this style without actually being this song. But whichever way we get her, if we get her, one suspects that her performance will be very, very interesting.

One of the rare local X Factor alumnus to have gained both critical and popular acclaim, her winning blend of bang-on-trend flat-voiced R'n'B and localised chalga beats suggests some lively on stage larks, and if they do do the right thing and choose her they'd be sending a pop princess at the very peak of her powers.

Some have noted that it quite possibly won't be with this song, as it was released in December, and already has over 7 million views on YouTube. But that didn't seem to do Donotan and Cleo a whole lot of harm a couple of years back. Either way, we shall be awaiting the Bulgarian announcement with bated breath.


  1. Wow! Gery-Nikol! The dust from last year's Eurovision had hardly settled when this rumour that she will be representing Bulgaria started circulating. Can't say that she is universally popular in Bulgaria though... actually, there is a large slice of the population that outright hate her, so if she ends up being selected, BNT will have to explain their choice to the disgruntled Bulgarian masses who would see Gery-Nikol representing the country as insulting and shameful. The rage against Gery-Nikol comes mainly from she's barely over 18 but often appears in very provocative attire. In any case, Gery-Nikol will be performing in London at a club in the East End on 22 April, which is very close to the start of rehearsals in Kiev.

  2. She can sing that track live too - it would have to lose a minute for Eurovision though...


    Her 'stagecraft' would back up Nick's words!

  3. I don't know who fed you this bullshit rumor, but she withdraw from the competition here in Bulgaria last week, so no chance for her to be the one.

    Nice "information" source you've got. :D

  4. Well aren't you both an aggressive and boastful one. Just reporting on rumours and stories that were doing the rounds, not claiming it was any kind of truth. A little tip for the future. It would have been much nicer to have said: "Hey mate, just to let you know that I have info that can prove that rumour is untrue" than to have been a deeply unpleasant cock about it. Well done. You shall go far.

  5. Damn - I wish this was Facebook and I could press like on this post!

  6. Don't worry. I've reported his behaviour to the Bulgarian head of delegation. So if he is what he claims to be, he hopefully won't be getting that gig again next year. And if he's not, he's an even sadder individual than we first imagined.

  7. Sadly it seems like our belligerent friend was right, as Bulgaria are reputed to have chosen the Russian singing show tot Kristian Kostov instead.

    Say it isn't so, oh sweary one. Say it isn't so!