Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sweden 2017 - Loreen - Statements

So finally we get to see and hear the whole thing. A whole nation sat in thrall at the incredible stage show, but then voted for something else because they couldn't remember the tune. And hereby stand the problem.

In the real world this would have been a surefire success. You can picture this nestled in to a big stadium show, three quarters of the way through and just before the last run of big hits. The punters would have walked away and said "Euphoria was amazing, of course, but did you see that one with the flags and the handbag and the old lady? It really moved me that!" And that would have been its perfect placement.

But on a pop competition where your full three minutes count and you have to have visuals and song together in a perfect union of memorability? Not so much. And that's a sad thing, because this was a really bold and brave move. As a pure three-minute spectacle this is unlikely to be bettered for some time. But as an entry for Melfest - let alone the big show - it was perhaps a bit too intense and lacking in a memorable melodic hook.

Don't get me wrong, because I thought it was utterly splendid, and gazed with open mouth throughout. But I can quite see why it only scraped into the second chance round, now faced with the indignity of a piece of interesting art having to sing for its supper against a slew of other nearly wases. The juries will love it, of course. But will it even get that far?


  1. Apart from the fact that there is no tune or melody to it, it was also suppose to be "artistic" in its presentation. If it was suppose to be engaging, I didn't get it. It was cold and pretentious and that's not good to a song that need to impress on 3 minutes.

    WTF moment that lasted 3 minutes

  2. An engrossing bit of art but the vocals were difficult to discern...

    Good to see she gave Ozzy Osbourne some Eurovision time though ;)

  3. She's up against Anton Hagman in Andra Chansen. One fan theory holds that he would have been the lowest scoring AC qualifier chosen to ensure Loreen will win. But Anton's song has also been doing really well on Spotify...


  5. I think it's fantastic. And the staging of it is really moving. I was never a huge fan of Euphoria. I think this surpasses it. It puts her on a different level. I actually feel that she sounds more pretentious when she talks, but this performance made perfect sense to me.